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Sunday, November 17, 2019
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There is a plastic tab on the long narrow edge of your VHS video tape where the label goes. Protect your precious content by gently snapping it off with your thumb, prying it upwards. Removal of the tab will write-protect your tape, and prevent it from being accidentally taped over.
The VHS video tape write-protection tabs are shown in the image at right.  The image contains two VHS video tapes.  One tape is write-protected, and the other is not.  The tape at the top is write-protected, as the plastic tab has been removed.  The tape on the bottom can be overwritten, as the the tab is still intact.
Other tape formats have similar tabs.  Inside VHS video tape players, there is mechanical switch that is located where the tab is once the tape is loaded.  If the tab is in place, the switch is depressed, and the machine recognizes that the tape is writable.  If the tab is not in place, the switch is released, and the machine will prevent recording on the tape.
It is possible to override this type of write protection.  By replacing the tab with some sellotape or scotch tape, a machine can be tricked into thinking the tab is still in place, thus allowing for recording on a tape that has the write-protection tab removed.
We recommend that you remove the write-protection tabs from any of your tapes that contain treasured memories such as family or home videos, in order to prevent accidental erasure of your precious content.  It's a good idea to do this before submitting your VHS tapes for conversion.
Updated: Sunday, July 19, 2009