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Friday, December 6, 2019
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One of the reasons you should consider converting your old tapes to DVD is because they will not store forever.  Whether you are talking about VHS video tapes, 8mm film, Hi8, or any of a list of other mediums, it will eventually wear out.  As a matter of fact, even DVDs have a finite shelf life!  Mind you, a DVD shelf life is about 100 years, and they are easy to copy.  Also, since a DVD is digital, the quality will never deteriorate.  So, once you transfer your VHS tapes to DVD, you have locked in the  video quality forever.
Even after you have made DVDs from your original tapes, you may still want to store your tapes.  Here are a few tips for storing your tapes.
  • Keep your tapes stored in a cool, dry, dark place.
  • Keep your tapes away from dust by storing them in a sealed box.  A rubbermaid-style storage bin is good for this.
  • Store your tapes on end rather then stacking them.
  • Watch your tapes before storing them, and label them carefully.
  • Do not leave your tapes in the middle of playing.  Rewind or forward them before storing.
  • Exposure to sunlight will fade your tapes.  Keep them away from even indirect sunlight.
  • Always play your tapes on clean, well-maintained equipment.
  • Remember that your VHS and other such tapes will not last forever - consider having them transfered to a digital medium such as DVD.  The sooner the better.
Follow the above tips to preserve your VHS and other video tapes, and they should last you a long time.

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