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Friday, December 6, 2019
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Many people here in Vancouver, Canada ask, "How can I play DVDs from Europe (PAL format)?"  "Can you convert my PAL DVD to NTSC format?"
It used to be that you could not watch a PAL DVD here in North America, because of the format differences between PAL and NTSC.
The process required to convert a PAL disc to NTSC is fairly involved and time-consuming.  You need to decode the DVD onto a hard drive, separate the video from the sound, re-encode each of those into the new format, sew them back together, and then author and write the new DVD.
But these days, there are DVD players that are coming on the market that play both formats.  For instance, the Phillips 5140 will play PAL discs, and at time of writing, lists for under $50 on amazon.com!  It's actually cheaper to buy a DVD player that will play your PAL DVDs now!
The Phillips model mentioned above is only an example.  There are lots of other players that will do the same thing.  Furthermore, there are probably more and more models entering the market as each week passes.  If you want to play PAL DVDs here in Canada or the United States, then my suggestion is: go down to you local electronics store and tell them what you want to do - they will probably be able to help you find a player that will suit.
Also note that most modern computers will play foreign DVDs when your DVD player won't - so give that a try too.

Updated: Monday, July 11, 2011