VHS to DVD Vancouver

Sunday, November 17, 2019
We have moved. Check out the new site at: mediamart.ca!

If you have a broken VHS tape, give us a call, we can usually repair or respool it and then transfer it onto DVD so that you don't lose your precious footage.

VHS Repair Pricing

  • VHS Repair (Your Cartridge): $39.99
  • VHS Respool (New Cartridge): $59.99

Other Video Cassette Repairs

  • Contact us for details.

We Offer

  • Speedy Service: Your VHS repair will usually take two or three days!
  • Prompt, courteous, helpful service.
  • Reasonable rates.
  • Convenient location close to downtown Vancouver, BC.


  • 778.819.8400
  • info@vhstodvdvancouver.com
Updated: Monday, June 30, 2014