VHS to DVD Vancouver

Friday, December 6, 2019
We have moved. Check out the new site at: mediamart.ca!

Convert your old mini cassette tapes to CD or DVD before they wear out!

  • Serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.
  • Convenient location near City Hall, just across the bridge from Yaletown and Downtown.
  • We convert all types of audio: music, recitals, interviews, evidence, and much more.
  • We are pleased to announce that we are now transferring DAT (Digital Audio Tape) to CD as well.

Reasons to convert mini casettes to CDs... 

  • CDs will last a lifetime, so you can preserve your priceless memories.
  • It is much easier to navigate a CD for listening; no need to rewind or fast-forward to get to a particular part.
  • CDs are easily duplicated so you can send copies to your relatives, or store backups in a safe place, just in case.
  • Your cassette tapes are gradually losing sound quality while they sit on the shelf. Once you digitize them, you lock in the quality, because the sound on a CD does not degrade.


  • Conversion: $29.99 per tape.
  • Includes: single-track or timed track IDs.
  • Custom Track IDs: $15 per tape.
  • Extra copies: $5.99 each
  • Editing: $85 per hour (min. 1 hr).
  • Pick up and delivery: $25 per hour of travel (1 hour minimum).

We Offer

  • Prompt, courteous, helpful service.
  • Reasonable rates.
  • Discounts on large orders.
  • Convenient location close to downtown Vancouver, BC.
  • Conversion for most media types to most digital formats.
  • Free jewel cases for your new CDs.


  • 778.819.8400
  • info@vhstodvdvancouver.com

Preserve your memories!