VHS to DVD Vancouver

Sunday, November 17, 2019
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We can create a custom DVD case cover for you to give your project that extra-professional edge.  Great for a gift or professional portfolio DVD.

Bring Your Own Background Image

You can bring a photo of your choice when you drop off or ship your source tapes to us.  We will scan it and use it as a background, adding a personal touch to your DVD case. 

You Specify The Details

On the front of your DVD cover, our attractive and professional template provides space for title, sub-title, description and dates.  On the spine, there is a title and a small details section at the bottom (click photo to view enlarged version).  On the reverse, there is room for credits and a table of contents.  Or, create your very own layout! 

Art Provided

Don't worry if you don't have your own artwork for your cover.  We have a selection of attractive images you can choose from for your background. 


  • DVD cover from template: $10.00
  • DVD cover, your custom layout: $20.00
  • Extra copies: $4.00
  • Prices include taxes
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